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Solisto.DAC-HP Front

The Solisto.DAC-HP combines a high grade digital analogue converter and a headphone amplifier that fulfils high expectations. The range of sampling frequencies reaches the professional level of 192 kHz. The headphone amplifier supports the use of very demanding headphones due to its high power output and other characteristics. The analogue line output features an extra high output volume of 2 Volt (RMS) as typical for high end devices.

More and more devices such as flat screen TVs and computers are equipped with digital audio outputs for connection to hi-fi systems. Digital transmission of audio signals has many benefits. Sadly, most normal hi-fi systems feature no such inputs. Then again there are devices that feature digital outputs only, such as many flat screen TVs.

In all of these cases the Solisto.DAC-HP helps by adding both optical and electrical digital inputs to your hi-fi system or any other kind of analogue amplifier. The Solisto.DAC-HP should be placed as close to your hi-fi system as possible. Another advantage is the stylish, high-quality aluminium housing with a blue light at the front indicating an audio signal is present, thus it is not necessary to hide it.

Please note that the Solisto. DAC-HP cannot convert signals such as Dolby Digital, AC3, DTS, 5.1 etc. In such cases, the device – e. g. a flat screen TV – needs to be switched to a normal stereo signal.


Connecting A Flatscreen TV to Analogue Hi-Fi Systems

Many modern flatscreen TVs are so slim that their sound is not satisfying. At the same time, some brands cut down on audio interfaces, especially analogue outputs to save space and costs. The Solisto.DAC-HP is a very good solution to connect such flatscreen TVs to normal hi-fi systems, wireless and normal headphones. The next paragraph about the prevention of ground loops applies to TV sets as well.

Prevention of Ground Loops

When connecting digital devices such as computers, flat screen TV sets or digital satellite receivers in an analogue way to hi-fi systems ground loops might occur. A ground loop causes hum, noise and interferences in the audio signal and thus significantly reduces the joy of listening to music or other audio. By using optical-digital connections to connect audio sources to amplifiers, ground loops can be efficiently avoided because of the galvanic separation that comes with such a solution. Sadly, hardly any hi-fi system features such inputs. The Solisto.DAC-HP virtually adds such an optical-digital input to your hi-fi system or any other kind of analogue amplifier. No need to throw away your established and well proven hi-fi system.

Connecting Digital Devices to Analogue Hi-Fi Systems

There are diverse reasons to connect a device that features both digital and analogue outputs to an analogue system through its digital output. By far too many mobile audio devices offer a rather bad sound quality at their analogue output, but some feature an optical-digital output. The audio systems of computers are most often inside the computer's housing and an easy victim to many different disturbances that can cause noise and interferences. The applications are nearly infinite, thus we are always happy to get to know, how you are using the Solisto.DAC-HP.


Please note that the Solisto.DAC-HP cannot convert signals such as Dolby Digital, AC3, DTS, 5.1 etc. In such cases, the device – e.g. a flat screen TV – needs to be switched to a normal stereo signal.
Scope of delivery
  • Solisto.DAC-HP
  • AC Adaptor
  • User's Guide in English, German
Data Sheet


Case Material Aluminium, anodised
Dimensions (W x H x D // mm) 105 x 28 x 55
Weight 150 g (incl. AC Adaptor 300 g)
Supply Voltage 12 Volt (DC)
AC Adaptor 12 Volt DC, 800 mA
Operating Temperature Range 0° - 50° Celsius
DAC System Wolfson WM 8524
Headphone Amplifier Texas Instruments TPA6120A2
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) -89 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 106 dB
Dynamik Range 104 dB

Digital Inputs

Optical S/PDIF Connector Toslink F05
Coaxial S/PDIF Connector 1 x Coax/Cinch
Max Length of Optical Cable 5 meters, up to 15 meters under very good conditions
Data Link Layer Protocol IEC 958 (S/PDIF)
Sampling Frequencies 8 to 192 kHz
Resolution 24 Bit

Analogue Stereo Line Ouput

Connectors 2 x Coax / Cinch
Output Voltage (RMS value) 2 Volt

Analogue Stereo Headphone Ouput

Connector 6.3 mm TRS
Output Power Controllable, max 6.8 Vrms, 1.4 Watt @ 32 Ohm
Minimum Load Impedance 8 Ohm